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Trusting a contractor and getting good work for a fair price is most important when hiring a contractor. When choosing a wildlife control operator in Michigan you ultimately make your own decision on this matter. In hiring a wildlife control expert to solve your pest problem, you should do a little research first. Don’t just look at the positive reviews, look at the negative reviews to see why someone has left a negative review. Everything can be noticed during your first conversation with a company. The old saying “first impressions are everything”. Most companies you call should know what they are talking about when you contact them. I mean that is their profession and “expertise” right?

Knowing the details of your situation is the most important part of the initial phone call. This will give us an understanding of the job at hand. Most of the time a ball park price can be given so you know what you are up against. For those who won’t give you a price, then they might not know what they are talking about. Some companies are more interested in getting the initial service call fee then actually getting the job done right. Getting answers from the company you are calling is key. Does it sound like the operator knows what he or she is talking about? Is the person you are talking to sound polite and organized? I mean you called them for help right? Patience is everything during the first phone call. You will have several questions so it is important for the operator to stay patient and answer everything as thorough as possible.

We trap animals throughout several cities in South East, Michigan. Our exclusion program of bats, birds, mice, squirrels have also expanded to many cities throughout Michigan . Our goal is to maintain the safety of humans while allowing nuisance wildlife to coexist with humans on their properties and not in the homes. We have several years of experience and all of our technician are trained in the bat exclusion process, wild animal trapping, wildlife proofing, bird control, and poison free mouse control. Were are licensed and certified by the state of Michigan to control nuisance wildlife safely and humanely with in the county we capture the animal.

Michigan Wildlife Solutions is licensed and insured in the state of Michigan. We carry a 2,000,000 dollar general liability insurance allowing us to work on commercial buildings such as apartments, condos, high rises, churches, industrial buildings, factories, and other commercial properties. We abide by all workers compensation laws and are bonded to protect homeowners of their property.

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