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Nuisance Wildlife Control Company

We are a private for hire nuisance, wildlife removal and control company. We specialize in getting rid of unwanted critters from your home, property or attic. If you have a critter problem we can solve. Our experienced wildlife control operators have over 50 years of combined experience. We are not your average pest control service techs. We get rid of nuisance animals from your home and keep them out. We never use poisons to get rid of unwanted pest. We provide humane wildlife exclusions from home to help the wildlife get out, but not be able to get back in. 

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Residential Pest Control

The point of residential wildlife control is to get rid of unwanted pest and keep them out. Once they’re out we do all of the necessary clean-up and damage control. Here are some of our popular residential pest control services. 

Commercial Bird Control Services

Commercial bird control has become one of our most popular services. We remove unwanted birds from loading docks, big box stores, stores signs, and keep them off ledges. Here are some of our popular bird control services. 

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Repairs & Damage Control

Getting rid of wildlife is one thing, keeping them out is another. We have all of the necessary equipment and state of the art materials to keep wildlife pest out for good. 

Animal Trapping

We are a full service animal trapping company. We capture and remove everything from mice to coyotes. All animals are humanely trapped and relocated within the county captured to prevent the spread of diseases.

Wildlife Inspections

We provide a full wildlife home inspection and evaluation to identify your pest problems. This includes locating entry points and damages to your home inside your attic and on your roof.  

Maintenance Services

Maintaining a pest free home is most important when keeping nuisance wildlife out. We offer monthly and yearly touch up services to our repairs we have already done on your home. 

Emergency Services

Sometimes jobs can not wait for appointments. If you have a critter in the home then it requires immediate assistance. We have a wildlife technician on duty to take care of your emergency pest.

Wildlife Prevention

If you have a neighbor with wildlife problems then prevention on your home may keep the critters out. If you would just like to have a pest free home of wild animals or birds then wildlife proofing your home will help your cause.

Insurance Repairs

If your home has been damaged by raccoons, squirrels, birds, or bats your insurance company may cover the damages. We work with all insurance companie to get the job done. 

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